Psuu Came from the Sky


Once upon a time, there was a village where a girl named Alisa lived. Alisa’s parents were always fighting.

“It’s your fault.” “No, it’s your fault.”

Alisa was tired of their constant fights every night. She would cover her ears with her hands and endure it quietly on her bed, feeling sad. Although Alisa loved both her father and mother, whenever they were together, they would always fight, and it made her feel very sad every day.

So, she would gaze out of the window, looking at the bright sky and the white moon, making a wish.

“Oh, moon, oh moon, please grant my wish. I wish my father and mother would become good friends again, just like in the past.”

Alisa would join her small hands together, close her eyes, and make her wish, just like she always did. Suddenly, the moonlight sparkled brightly, dazzling Alisa, and she slowly opened her eyes, covering her face with her hands.

From the big white moon hanging in the sky, a straight path of light was forming towards Alisa’s room. And guess what came down from the sky?

Slowly descending along that path of light, something white and fluffy appeared right in front of Alisa’s eyes. Alisa was surprised, but it didn’t seem scary. She cautiously opened the window and softly spoke to the white, fluffy thing.

“Who are you? Are you a moon fairy? I’m Alisa. What’s your name?”

No matter how much Alisa asked, the white, fluffy thing didn’t answer. It had two eyes and a mouth. It seemed to be a living creature. It looked straight at Alisa and gently sucked in a little air through its mouth.

Then, it made a small sound from behind.


Yes, a small sound came from its rear. Apparently, the creature had emitted some air from its backside.

“You’re Psuu,” Alisa said with a smile. And once again,


came the sound, this time from its backside.

Alisa, who had named the creature Psuu, smiled, and Psuu, smiling back, jumped into Alisa’s arms.

Alisa was surprised, but the fluffy white creature resembled a dog and a cat, and being an only child, Alisa felt a lonely warmth as if she was holding a baby. So, she gently stroked its body.

In the kitchen, Alisa’s parents’ fight continued.

“Psuu, that’s the sound of my parents fighting. Thanks to them, I feel very sad. I want them to always have smiles on their faces.”

Hearing that, Psuu jumped out of Alisa’s arms and quietly opened the door. Then, it walked to the kitchen, step by step.

Facing Alisa’s parents, Psuu inhaled a large amount of air through its mouth, and its white body swelled up, turning pitch black in an instant.

Then, with great force, it released air from its backside,


and expelled the air. The surrounding area was covered in sparkling light, and Alisa’s parents, who had been fighting, looked at each other and smiled.

“It was my fault.” “No, I was the one at fault. Let’s stop fighting from now on and acknowledge each other, shall we?”

Alisa’s father and mother finally stopped fighting and made peace.

Psuu smiled at Alisa and returned to its original snowy-white form.

From that day on, Alisa’s parents never fought again. They started living with smiles on their faces, just like when Alisa was a child.

When Alisa told the story to the neighbor next door,.