Find the honey


This is Kei-kun’s house, a 6-year-old man. I’m wearing an orange color from the furnace, and I’m licking Kei-kun’s cheeks.


It seems that Kei-kun is going to round up Senaka.

“Kei-kun, did you catch a cold? Let’s go to bed early today.”

Kei-kun’s mom, who was wearing a pink apron and washing the dishes, said with a gentle reper.

I’m Gi-kun, a rabbit who lives with me at Kei’s house. It’s white and fluffy, and it feels good. Kei always gently caress my head and body.

Kei-kun told me.

“Mom, I have a sore throat. I want my throat to be tingling.”

“Oh, what should I do?”

“Besides, it’s kind of strange.”

“Well, at a time like this, when you lick honey, you’ll be able to hear it, but is there? Please wait a moment.”

My mother looked for the inside of the tana.

Kei-kun seems to be saying “Kohon Kohon”.

I was so worried about Kei-kun that I was staring at him.

My mother said to Kei-kun that she was sorry.

“There was no honey. I’ll come tomorrow, so let’s go to bed today.”

It’s still early outside, but Kei-kun seemed to have closed his eyes and lost money before I knew it.

As usual, I gently opened the door and called my friend, “Hmm, Hmm.”

My friend is Mari-chan, a chipmunk who lives on the table. It’s a very cute girl in the middle of the tea, but it’s a very cute girl.

“Gi-kun, did you read it? It’s already too late to play.”

Mari-chan, a chipmunk, has been knowing from the top of the horse.

“Mari-chan, Kei-kun is having a hard time. I have a cold and my throat seems to be dying. Mari-chan, do you have any good idea?”

“There is. When I have a sore throat, I’ve heard my grandmother say that it gets better as soon as I lick the honey.”

“I knew it! When you have a sore throat, honey comes in. Kei’s mom said that too. But he’s not going to drink honey. It seems that my mom will bring it to me tomorrow, but …”

Mari-chan, a chipmunk, said, wiltling her long tail.

“Then it’s easy. Beyond this oka, it seems that there is a big place where there are a lot of bees across the river. I’ve heard that they are a lot of Hana no Mitsu. That’s honey. I heard it’s very sweet and delicious. You can ask the bee to share the honey a little bit.”

Usagi no Gi-kun was happy to hear that.

“That’s a good idea. Then, let’s go and have the honey share the honey right away.”

Gi-kun jumped out of the cond, plying.

“No way.”


“I’m scared of bees. There is a pointed t in the bee’s butt. If it was done with that, it would be very helpful. Besides, I don’t know where the bee’s home is.”

“Then, what should I do?”

“I’ll ask my friend. It’s Tanuki’s Tacky. If it’s Tacky, his body is bigger than mine, so I’m sure he won’t be afraid of bees either. Let’s go together.”

Usagi-kun and Chipmunk Mari-chan went beyond the oka and went to see Tanuki’s Tacky.

Tanuki’s Tacky was having a day off in the big morning.

Mari-chan, a chipmunk, said it.

“Tacky, I’m sorry for the day off. I’d like the bee to share the honey a little bit, but could you go with me?”

Tanuki’s Tucky said Munyamunya while rubbing his eyes.

“I want to go with you, but I’m scared of the bee’s buzzing. And I don’t know where my home is. I’ve heard that it’s in the over there across the river.”

“That’s too much!”

Usagi-kun and Mari-chan, a chipmunk, got stuck together.

“That’s right, my friend who is getting along well, let’s do it to the grasshopper van.”

Usagi-kun, Chipmunk Mari-chan and Tanuki’s Tacky looked for the grasshopper Ban-kun.

Bang-kun, the grasshopper, was a meal in the shadow of the grass.

There was a raccoon dog tacky.

“Ban-kun, I’d like you to go to the bee’s place and divide the honey a little bit, but can you go with me?”

The grasshopper’s bang said while munching.

“The bee was scolded by the bee the other day when I tried to drink the same Hana Mitsu. I’ve lost the bee’s place at home, and I can’t go with him.”

“I’m sorry!”

Usagi no Gi-kun, Chipmunk Mari-chan and Tanuki no Tacky were disappointed.

“But I have just the right friend. I’ll introduce you to Chocho-chan. Chong-chan is good friends with the bees, so he should know where he is at home.”

When Mr. Ban said that, he spread the sune of the middle, rubbed it together, and put out a mysterious Naoto.

Gi-ri-gi, Gi-ri-gi.

Then, Hira Hira and Ageha Ageha came. In the Kuroihane, the glitter and the color of the color were bright, and it was dazzlingly beautiful.

“What. I wonder if he called Chong. What on earth is it like at this time? I’m just taking care of the splash.”

Usagi-kun told Chong-chan.

“I’m sorry for being so busy. My important friend’s man, Kei-kun, is stinging his throat. Can you go to the bee’s place with me and share a little bit of honey?”

“Oh, that’s easy. Sometimes I also get delicious honey when I’m hungry. It’s delicious. It’s sweeter than Hana no Mitsu, and I’m fine.”

Chong-chan was relaxed and fluttered and swaying.

Usagi no Gi-kun, Chipmunk Mari-chan, and Tanuki no Tacky will be followed by Chong-chan. The grasshopper, Mr. Ban-kun, wilted his eyes.

There was a big one in the first place where I got out of the harappa. It’s bigger than Kei-kun’s house. There are a lot of green color.

When Jeon-chan called “Pyu-i”, a big bee came from the shadow of the kinoki.

Chong-chan is whispering something in the bee’s place.

Rabbit’s Gi-kun and Chipmunk’s Mari-chan and Tanuki’s Tacky were looking up at the sky and looking at the two of them.

The bee said this in a tidly way.

“That would be good. Take the honey we made.” “

In that case, I shook the swell to the swell to the swell and made a big one. Tanuki’s tacky cucked the tacky with a lot.

Then, a lot of bees came out from the shadow of the other. And in the blink of an eye, I made a cup with a slap.

Then, he put a lot of honey in a cup made of slaps.

“Thank you very much, bee.”

Everyone said Rei.

And then, softly, I put the honey in the cup. Bang-kun, the grasshopper, also gave me a lot of staff.

I was walking slowly and slowly, and by the time I arrived at Kei-kun’s house, Manmaru’s Tsukisama was growing on the sky.

Kei-kun was happy with the light of the moon.

“Oh, there’s a cup in a place like this. Did your mom leave you?”

Kei slowly drank the honey that went into the cup of the slap.

“Wow, how delicious it is.”

Usagi-no-kun, Chipmunk Mari-chan, Tanuki’s Tacky, and Grasshopper’s Ban-kun, Chocho-chan. Everyone was quietly staring at it from the outside of the furnace. And I smiled with my smile on my side.

The next morning, when Kei-kun woke up, he said it was a big one.

“Good morning! Oh, my throat is healed. Mom, I’m fine now. Can I play outside?”?

“Oh, I’m glad it’s healed. Have a nice day.”

Kei went out and played with the rabbit Gi-kun.. Mari-chan, a chipmunk, Tucky, Bang-kun, and Cho-chan, a butterfly, were looking at the shadow of the chipmunk.

On top of the sky, a lot of bees went to the yama where they put Hana no Mitsu together.