Mama is a pegasus


That’s tough! I found out about my mom’s secret.

One day, when I came back from kindergarten and was reading a picture book.

“Kei-chan, mom is going to clean the bath and water the flowers on the balcony. I’ll put the snack on the table, so please eat it when you finish reading the picture book.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

When I was reading the picture book I got from kindergarten, I heard a tremendous sound from the bathroom.

That’s right.


I got scared and called her “Mom”, but she didn’t seem to hear me, so I didn’t get a reply.

After a while, when I was eating snack cookies, I heard the sound of moving towards the balcony.

Don, don, don.

The window of the veranda opens and the sound of water. However, it doesn’t seem to be the sound of watering with a hose.

That’s right.

I walked quietly and peeked into the veranda. It was a big butt elephant that was there!

That’s tough! Mom has transformed into an elephant!

After a while, my mom appeared in front of me as if nothing had happened.

“Kei-chan, shall we go to the park after we finish eating snacks?”

I was excited.’m excited. When I arrived at the park, I decided to play in the sandbox with my mom.

“Mom, leave the tunnel.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. Kei-chan, will you make a mountain?”

When I was scraping up the sand with a shovel and shoveling a big mountain, I suddenly looked back and saw my mom. I was surprised, and when I looked around, I heard my mom’s voice from behind me. When I looked back again, there was a deep and long tunnel. Today is kind of a strange day.

At night, when I got into the futon with my mom, I felt warm and sleepy.

“Mom, there was an elephant on the balcony today.”


Mom was very surprised.

“Finally, it seems that Kei-chan found out about her mom’s secret.”

“The secret?”

“That’s right, mom can transform into a animal. Today, when I was cleaning the bath, I transformed into an elephant. Then, I inhaled the bath water with my nose and watered the flowers on the balcony. In the sandbox, I transformed into a mole and went through a tunnel.”

“Mom, can you transform? That’s amazing!”

“There’s more. When you arrived at the kindergarten the other day, you noticed that you forgot your water bottle, didn’t you? At that time, I turned into a Cheetah and hurried home to get it.”

“That’s why you delivered it so quickly.”

“There’s more. When Kei-chan was 1 year old, she loved milk. I drank up the milk I bought at the supermarket right away. That’s why mom transformed into a cow and gave milk.”

“Oh, that’s right. I didn’t notice it at all.”

“That’s right. You can’t let the secret be found out.”

“Then, what will happen from now on?”

“If the secret is revealed, you can only transform once more. After that, I can’t transform into anything anymore.”

“Is that so? Mom, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Because I thought this day would come someday.”

“Mom, what are you going to transform into in the end?”

“Well, how about Pegasus?”

“Pegasus? Is that an animal?”

“That’s right. It’s a white horse, and it can fly in the sky.”

“Amazing! I want to see Pegasus!”

“Kei-chan, wait here.”

When I said that, my mom got out of the futon and disappeared. The next Shunkan, a pure white horse appeared in front of me. And he said this to me.

“Come on, get on. Let’s go out for a walk at night.”

When Pegasus put me on, he jumped out of the furnace at once. The big white splash is slowly moving up and down, flying in the sky.

“Mom, that’s amazing!”

I caught it firmly so that it wouldn’t fall from Pegasus. I felt warm and happy like when I was being held by my mom.

Pegasus, illuminated by the full moon, was shining white and very beautiful. A lot of stars were flowing like a river, and the wind that hit me felt good.

When I noticed, I was in the futon, and Asahi was in the middle of the day and it was dazzling.

I wonder if I was looking at my dream?

“Oh, Kei-chan woke up. Good morning.”

Mom was the usual mom’s ass.

“Mom, can’t you transform anymore?”

When I asked, my mom laughed, “Hehehe.”

There was a white and beautiful splash next to my pillow.

After all, my mom was Pegasus! But this is my secret.