The fairytale of conchiglia


This is a restaurant in the town. A big cook in the stomach and a big cook in the stomach are both open.

A lot of customers every day.

The cook is busy.

My wife is taking an order with a big talk again today.

“Yes, one gratin.”

“And then, two hamburgers.”

“What shall we do for you?”

If you can eat delicious food at any time, it is Daihyoban’s restaurant in the town.

Me and my friends are lined up from the top of the butterfly.

My name is Conchilia. Even the inside of the pasta is made of Komugi Koshio.

The shape is round and round, and when you eat it, it’s smooth and chewy.

It goes well with any sauce. Tomato sauce, cream sauce, Genovese made from basil, and oil sauce with plenty of garlic are also delicious.

My brother Conchiglioni. It’s big and very cool.

It’s nice to put fish in your stomach and put parsley on it.

Then take a look at my younger sister.

Conchiriette is a small little girl. It’s delicious when you put it in the soup.

Some of us asked.

“Mr. Cook, where are our father and sister?”

“Oh dear, that’s a difficult thing.”

The cook is in a small place.

So he went to us with a big name.

“Well, it’s in the sea,” he said.

Me, Conchiglioni, and Conchirietti went to the same time.


“That’s right, it’s like you were born from the sea.”

Oku-san, ahaha and laugh.

Our Zai Ryo, Komugi Koshio. Sometimes it’s sesame seeds and spinach. If you mix the water and knead it, the pasta will be ready. If you wrap it up and flip it with a fork and turn it over, it will be a conchirie in no time.

That’s right, Conchirie is called when we get a lot of people.

Okinai-san Conciglioni, he went to Concilietti with me.

“If that’s the case, I’m going to go to the sea now, let’s go.”

Then the cook said.

“It’s almost 3 o’clock. Sakanaya is coming. I’ll go back to the sea when I’m done. You can put it on the truck with me.”

Conchieretti is a lot of joy.

“It’s my first time in Umi.”

Tokei no Hari was at 3 o’clock. The truck that just stopped.

The cook asked Mr. Sakanaya.

“Of course it’s fine.”

And, Mr. Sakanaya, who is smiling.

Kogata truck dashboard, a lot of things to see for the first time.

“This is me, take a look.”

It’s the first time since Sakayana was born in Yubi Sasu. A pig on a pig, a rabbit, and a pig. Moo, Moo, Hihin, Meeme, Boo Boo. Pyon Pyon is cute, isn’t it?

Tokunimaru Imizutari.

“Is that a sea urchin?” If I hear it,

No, no, that’s what I can do.”

Mr. Sakanaya is laughing. The red is out of the day.

“There are a lot of fish in the pond, but your father’s mother is not here because he is in the sea.”

Sakanaya said that.

It’s a green carpet for a while.

“The next thing you can see is Yasaibatake.”

Sakanaya told me..

“That’s carrots, spinach, potatoes, onions, broccoli, and you.”

In a very wide bamboo shoot, the color of the lantern is fluttering, waiting for the sky, and it’s very nice.

“We want to jump in the sky too.”

“I want to jump in the sky too.”

I’ve been ratting for a while. On the right, on the right, on the right.

“Please take your time.”

“I’m going to go.”


“It’s almost time to go to the sea, it’s safe.”

If you go outside, it’s wide.

“That’s the sea,” Sakanaya-san.

It’s the first time I’ve seen it, Hiroumi.

It’s so big and sparkling. It’s swaying white, and it’s good to be in Toku.

The white chair continues to be held.

The Kogata truck stopped slowly, and Mr. Sakanaya let us down.

Slowly walking Kusakayana-san. It’s going to be squeaky.

We can’t stop my excitement.

The cray of the nami that can’t be heard.

Sakanaya said it.

“This is your father’s mother.”

Sakanaya’s guessed, and the ones he found there were as beautiful and beautiful as if they were just like us.

“You finally met, dad, mother.”

We were so happy that we went to Sakanaya.

“Thank you for letting me go. Let’s cook together with your father and mother.”

“Okay, leave it to me.”


I’m going to go from the sea and go back to the house of the sea.

I washed it, boiled us, and it was butter, so I stuck it in my mouth with a big spoon, and I ate it in a blink of an eye.